Designed for enhanced productivity by efficient mulching of brush in land clearing applications on standard-flow hydraulics, the Edge Brush Mulcher attachment is equipped with a safety pusher bar to force brush or small trees up to 6 inches in diameter down and allow the mulcher teeth to contact the lower portion of the brush to mulch it. The rest of the plant is mulched as the machine moves through the working area.

Mulcher features and benefits

  • Powerful brush mulching on standard-flow hydraulics
  • 96 carbide-tipped teeth for long tooth life and fine mulch
  • Safety pusher bar pushes trees up to 6 inches in diameter down into the mulcher
  • 6 staggered rows of teeth for efficient mulching
  • Pressure gauge to monitor hydraulic pressure during operation
  • Relief valve in hydraulic circuit prevents overload of drive components

Mulchers from Manitou come complete with trench cleaner arm, hoses and flat face couplers

Skid shoes on mulchers from Manitou keep the grinding at ground level or up to 1 inch below grade. Some of the features include 96 carbide-tipped teeth for long tooth life, smooth operations and fine mulch. The rotor is designed with 6 staggered rows of teeth around the circumference that cut into and mulch wood material as it moves into the rotor and a rear chain shield and a gauge on the back of the mulcher for the operator to monitor hydraulic pressure while operating is standard. A relief valve in the hydraulic circuit is also featured to prevent overloading of any drive components