Double your productivity with the Edge inverted log splitter from Manitou, designed to split logs on the ground, or to lift and transport logs for splitting directly into a trailer or other location while the operator manages all controls from the operator cab splitting logs up to 610 mm long with auxiliary hydraulics.


Model: LSI24S Weight: 154 kg
Hyd. Req: 38-76 lpm Cylinder size: 102 x 610 mm
Power: 20 T Max length: 610 mm

Inverted log splitter benefits:

  • Complete with hoses and flat face couplers
  • No need to touch or lift heavy wood for splitting
  • Splitter can be converted for upright splitting applications
  • Lifts and split logs up to 610 mm long

The splitter on this attachment can be unbolted from the quick attach and flipped 180° for upright splitting applications.