Standard auger bits from Manitou feature a reinforced fabricated boring head and double wrapped 5/16 inch flighting. Manitou also has a range of Bell Hole, Tree and Shrub, Rock, Standard and Rock, Conical augers, as well as auger adapters and accessories.

Auger bit features and benefits

  • Range of auger bits for the most suitable application
  • Reinforced boring head
  • Double wrapped 5/16 inch flighting

Standard auger bits

Reinforced fabricated boring head and double wrapped 5/16 inch flighting and, approximately 1 250 mm in overall length, they are, have heat treated teeth and "fishtail" centre point.

Bell hole auger bits

Designed for setting posts or other construction forms, these auger bits open up the bottom of a drilled hole for added support to the foundation.

Tree and Shrub auger bits

Designed with smaller diameter at the bottom leaves space for root balls, fertilizer, or mulch. Auger bits are heat treated teeth and have a "fishtail" centre point.

Rock, Standard

A reinforced fabricated boring head, double wrapped 5/16 inch flighting, conical carbide teeth and a standard “fishtail” center point.

Rock, Conical

A reinforced fabricated boring head, double wrapped 5/16" flighting, conical carbide teeth, and a conical "bullet-tooth" centre point.

Adapters and Accessories

Auger adapters from Manitou are available in 8 models and gives you the choice of adapting your round auger drive to a hex bit and vice versa.

Extended skid steer attachment warranties

As with the entire range of Manitou handling equipment, the skid steer attachment range is available with a choice between 2 warranty extensions which come into effect after the original manufacturer's warranty expires.. Skid steer attachment warranties include parts and labour.

  • 12-month warranty (4 000 hours) 
  • 24-month warranty (6 000 hours)


National skid steer attachments service

Every Manitou skid steer attachment is supported with a nation-wide service and support network. With expert technicians on stand-by 24/7, 365 days a year – along with 95% parts availability – Manitou helps ensure peak operation and maximum productivity.

Main Manitou service centres are located in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Manitou also fully supports customers in KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, Vaal Triangle, Free State and North West Province, as well as the rest of South Africa. Service is also available in Africa